Speaking Engagements 2008

I typically do ten or more speaking engagements a year, this is my 2008 schedule of events open to the public to date.

Financial Cryptography 2008
January 31: Usable Cryptography - Manifest Destiny or Oxymoron?
RSA Conference 2008
April 8th: Panel Security Usability: The New Challenge
April 10th: Extended Validation: Raising the Bar for Internet Trust

Podcasts of Previous Speeches

2007 W3C TPAC: How to stop Linkspam (3 minutes)
This was a lightning talk presentation given to the joint Technical Plenary / Advisory Committee meeting in Cambridge MA. If you look carefully you will see that my laptop actually changes from an IBM to a Mac during the speech, this was due to a technical problem with the machine.
2007 Default Deny Infrastructure (coming soon)
This was probably the strangest speech I have ever been invited to give, the meeting was being held at a venue where non-US citizens (including permanent residents) are not permitted. So I taped the presentation instead.
2006 W3C AC Meeting (coming soon)
I gave this talk as a lightning talk in 2006 but did not tape it at the time, I have since recorded a reconstruction.
2006 Google: Crime: The Real Internet Security Problem
This is a long form speech I was invited to give at Google. The content is not really designed for podcasting and it is a raw video feed without editing to incorporate slides etc. It is something of a historical relic as it is the first time I used the mindstream presentation style we developed during 2005 in public.

Booking me as a speaker

If you are organizing a conference and would like me to speak the best way to do this is to contact me directly and if the engagement is suitable I will put you in touch with my booker. A full speaker packet is available on request.